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NEW : Added the Mpeg 1 320x240 25fps profile (customisable)
click here to download it (right click and select save as)
( put it in your cleanerXL Output profiles directory)


How to export in few seconds to cleaner XL from any NLE software ?

If you have the possibility to export as a Quicktime Reference file, don't hesitate to do it, while making sure you checked, if available, "use NLE codec" as in Avid Xpress DV : "use Avid codec", for best quality.
It will create a very small (<1Mby) quicktime file, in few seconds, that will be understandable by all Quicktime compatible softwares, such as CleanerXL, Combustion etc.

If you are using other softwares like Adobe Premiere, Ulead Media Studio Pro, Sonic Foundry Vegas etc that do not have the Quicktime Reference file export option, I suggest you to use the plugin PluginPac Frameserver (click to get more informations and to download it)


How to get the best quality ?

First, make sure you selected the right Input Profile.

Use VBR 2 Pass encoding when available

If you are doing streaming video encodings, do not put too many keyframes (let's say about 1/5 seconds)

Normalize audio

Play with the video / audio filters of cleaner XL (Contrast, Saturation etc etc)



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