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About Combo Niños Animated TV series


Combo Ninos is a TV serie coproduced by Jetix, SIP Animation & TF1.
Aimed at kids 6-10, the show will debut on Jetix Europe’s channels starting in ... ?

Combo Niños revolves around four kids who can transform into animal-inspired superheroes. Serio turns into a jaguar, Paco becomes a bull, Pilar morphs into an iguana and Azul takes on the appearance of an eagle. Combining their magical skills with moves inspired by the Brazilian martial art Capoeira, they protect their beautiful, ancient city of Nova Nizza from the Divinos, mischievous, madcap immortals from another dimension.

There are more than twenty different Divinos, including Insecto Gigante, a tiny bug with a big personality and plan to have insects rule over humans, and El Gecko, an artist Divino who wants to use the entire city of Nova Nizza as his canvas. Jetix Europe holds the TV distribution, home video and consumer product rights for Combo Niños across Europe. Disney’s Buena Vista International Television will service television distribution of the series. Onickz Artworks is leading post production compositing & editing (opening and ending credits) teamed with BSS for SIP Animation.


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Some artworks of Background by Fenolwenn

combo ninos bg

Black and white drawings to colour