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quake wars arena world

arena <name> load arena "name"

+attack fire

+back move backward

+button0 dummy control command

+button1 dummy control command

+button2 dummy control command

+button3 dummy control command

+button4 dummy control command

+button5 dummy control command

+button6 dummy control command

bind <key/button> "cmd" bind a key or button to a command or set of commands ("cmd1 ; cmd2 ; etc.")

bindlist display list of all bound keys/buttons and their values

centerview force player view to straight ahead

cg_autoswitch 1 enable auto-weapon switching

cg_drawAmmoWarning 1 enable low-ammo warning display

cg_drawCrosshair 1 enable crosshair

cg_drawCrosshairNames 1 enable player name display

cg_drawFPS 0 enable FPS display

cg_drawKiller 1 enable fragger display when you get fragged

cg_drawStatus 1 enable status display

cg_drawTimer 1 enable game timer display


cg_gibs 1 enable gibs

cg_gun 1 enable player gun display (0 may increase FPS)

cg_lagometer 1 enable lagometer display

cg_marks 1 enable display of decals (blast marks, etc.) setting to 0 may increase FPS

cg_railTrailTime 400 set persistance time for railgun trails

cg_shadows 1 enable shadows

cg_stereoSeparation 0.4 set stereo separation

cg_thirdperson 0 enable 3rd person (chase-cam) view

cg_thirdpersonangle 0 set third-person view angle

cg_thirdpersonrange 40 set third-person view range


changeVectors display "FIND_NEW_CHANGE_VECTORS not defined."

cheats 0 enable cheats

cinematic <name> plays movie file video/name

cl_anglespeedkey 1.5 set the speed that the direction keys (not mouse) change the view angle

cl_avidemo 0

cl_debugMove 0

cl_maxpackets 30

cl_motd 1 enable message-of-the-day display

cl_mouseAccel 0 enable mouse acceleration

cl_nodelta 0 disable delta compression (slows net performance, only use if net errors happen otherwise)

cl_noprint 0

cl_packetdup 2

cl_pitchspeed 140 set pitch (up and down) change speed

cl_run 1 enable always-run (+speed toggles)

cl_running 1

cl_showmouserate 0 display mouse sampling rate

cl_shownet 0 display network quality graph

cl_showTimeDelta 0

cl_timeNudge 0 effectively adds local lag to try to make sure you interpolate instead of extrapolate (try 100 for a really laggy server)

cl_timeout 125 set the inactivity time before a client is disconnected (timed out)

cl_yawspeed 140 set turning speed (with keyoard, up to server max)

clear clear console

cm_playerCurveClip 1

cmd send server command

cmdlist display list of commands

color 7 set player color

com_dropsim 0

com_hunkMegs 20

con_notifytime 3 set console notification time

conback "gfx/2d/conback.tga" set console background image filename

condump <filename> dump console contents to demoq3/filename

configstrings displays gamedate, gamename, map, protocol, version, dmflags, frag/timelimits, hostname, maxclients, etc as / separated-strings for server-query programs

connect <server_ip:port> connect to server at IP address and port given


crosshairhealth 1 enable crosshair health indication

crosshairsize 24 set crosshair size

cvar_restart reset cvars to defaults

cvarlist display list of console variables and current values

debuggraph 0

dedicated 0 enable dedicated server mode

demo <filename> plays demo file demos/filename.dm3

developer 0 enable developer mode (more verbose messages)

dir <directory> [ext] list directory

disconnect disconnect from server

dmflags 0 set deathmatch flags

dumpuser <userid> dump user denoted by userid (use info to find userid)

echo "msg" display msg to local screen only


exec <script> execute commands in script file

+forward move forward

fixedtime 0

fraglimit 20 set fraglimit for map changes

freelook 1 enable free look


fs_basepath C:\Q3TEST


fs_copyfiles 0

fs_debug 0


fs_restrict 1

gfxinfo display graphics info

gl_extensions <string> list of loaded graphic extensions

gl_pixelformat color(16) depth(16) stencil(8)

gl_renderer 3Dfx/Voodoo2/2 TMUs/4 MB video renderer name

gl_vendor 3Dfx Interactive Inc. video chipset manufacturer name

gl_version 1.1.0 3Dfx stand-alone (Apr 29 1999) video driver version

graphheight 32 set max value for graph displays

graphscale 1 set scale multiplier for graph diisplays

graphshift 0 set offset for graph diisplays

handicap 100 set player handicap (max health)

heartbeat send heartbeat signal to master server

host_speeds 0 enable display of current FPS on-screen

hunk_stats display memory hunk info

imagelist display list of loaded images and info on each

in_joystick 0 enable joystick input

in_midi 0 enable midi

in_midichannel 1 set midi channel

in_mididevice 0 set midi device number

in_midiport 1 set midi port number

in_mouse 1 enable mouse input

in_restart restart input system

journal 0 enable console log

joy_advanced 0 joystick setting

joy_advancedupdate enable advanced joystick settings

joy_advaxisr 0 joystick setting

joy_advaxisu 0 joystick setting

joy_advaxisv 0 joystick setting

joy_advaxisx 0 joystick setting

joy_advaxisy 0 joystick setting

joy_advaxisz 0 joystick setting

joy_forwardsensitivity -1 joystick setting

joy_forwardthreshold 0.15 joystick setting

joy_name joystick joystick setting

joy_pitchsensitivity 1 joystick setting

joy_pitchthreshold 0.15 joystick setting

joy_sidesensitivity -1 joystick setting

joy_sidethreshold 0.15 joystick setting

joy_upsensitivity -1 joystick setting

joy_upthreshold 0.15 joystick setting

joy_yawsensitivity -1 joystick setting

joy_yawthreshold 0.15 joystick setting

kick <user> kick user from server

+left strafe left

+lookdown look down

+lookup look up

logfile 0 enable server log file

+mlook enable mouse look

+movedown move down

+moveleft strafe left

+moveright strafe right

+moveup move up

m_forward 0.25 set mouse forward speed sensitivity multiplier

m_pitch -0.022 set mouse pitch (up and down motion) speed sensitivity multiplier. Note that NEGATIVE values result in an inverted mouse (moving mouse forward looks down), while positive values result in a non-inverted mouse (moving mouse forward looks up)

m_side 0.25 set mouse strafing speed sensitivity multiplier

m_yaw 0.022 set mouse yaw speed sensitivity multiplier

map <name> change map to maps/name.bsp

mapname nomap current map name

maxfps 0 set max frames-per-second

messagemode type message to everyone

messagemode2 type message to your team only

midiinfo display midi port, channel, device info

model visor/red set model name and skin

modelist dislay list of video modes

modellist display list of loaded models


+right strafe right

+speed walk (if autorun enabled) or run (if not)

+strafe enable strafe modifier (left/right keys strafe while held)

name DarkLlama set player name

net_ip localhost

net_noipx 0 disable ipx network protocol

net_noudp 0 disable tcp/ip network protocol

net_port 27960 set network server port

net_socksEnabled 0 enable network proxy/firewall settings

net_socksPort 1080 set proxy/firewall port

net_socksServer set proxy/firewall socks server address

nohealth 0 disable health items

password set server password

path display current search path setting

play <sound> play sound.wav audio file

port 27960 set server port

protocol 36 set server protocol

qport 38901

quit exit

r_allowExtensions 1

r_allowSoftwareGL 0 enable software rendering

r_clear 0

r_colorbits 0

r_customaspect 1

r_customheight 1024

r_customwidth 1600

r_debugSurface 0

r_depthbits 0

r_detailtextures 1

r_displayRefresh 0

r_drawBuffer GL_BACK

r_drawentities 1 enable drawing player models and sprites

r_drawstrips 0

r_drawSun 0

r_drawworld 1

r_dynamiclight 1 enable dynamic lighting

r_ext_compiled_vertex_array 1

r_ext_compress_textures 1 enable texture compression

r_ext_gamma_control 1

r_ext_multitexture 1 enable multitexturing

r_ext_swapinterval 1

r_ext_texenv_add 1

r_ext_texture_env_add 1

r_facePlaneCull 1

r_fastsky 0

r_finish 1

r_fixtjunctions 1

r_flareFade 7

r_flares 1

r_flareSize 40

r_fullbright 0 enable max brightness, local game only

r_fullscreen 1 enable full screen mode

r_gamma 1.6 set gamma level

r_glDriver 3dfxvgl set gl driver name

r_ignore 0

r_ignoreFastPath 0

r_ignoreGLErrors 1

r_ignorehwgamma 0

r_ignoreOffset 0

r_intensity 1

r_lastValidRenderer 3Dfx/Voodoo2/2 TMUs/4 MB

r_lightmap 0

r_lightningSegmentLength 32

r_lockpvs 0

r_lockview 0

r_lodbias 0 set level-of-detail bias

r_lodscale 5 set level-of-detail scale modifier

r_logFile 0 set log file name

r_mapOverBrightBits 2

r_maskMinidriver 0

r_measureOverdraw 0

r_mode 3 set video display mode (resolution), use listmodes for list of options

r_nobind 0

r_nocull 0 force rendering of hidden objects (slows performance)

r_nocurves 0 disable curver rendering

r_nolightcalc 0

r_noportals 0 disable portals

r_norefresh 0 enable clearing hud and console before redrawing

r_novis 0

r_offsetfactor -1

r_offsetunits -2

r_overBrightBits 1

r_picmip 1

r_portalOnly 0

r_preloadTextures 0

r_railCoreWidth 16 set railgun trail core width

r_railSegmentLength 64 set railgun trail segment length

r_railWidth 128 set railgun trail outer width

r_roundImagesDown 1

r_showcluster 0

r_shownormals 0

r_showsky 0

r_showtris 0 enable rendering triangles (wireframe-ish) OpenGL only

r_simpleMipMaps 1

r_speeds 0 enable rendering speeds display

r_stencilbits 0

r_stereo 0 enable stereo video rendering

r_subdivisions 4

r_swapInterval 0

r_texturebits 0

r_textureMode GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST set the rendering mode: in order from lowest quality (fastest) to highest quality (slowest), [type] options are: GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST, GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST, GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_LINEAR, GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR. Think of the 1st two as low and high quality for hardware that supports bilinear filetering, and the 2nd two as low and high quality for hardware that supports trilinear filtering.

r_verbose 0

r_vertexLight 0 enable vertex lighting (faster, lower quality than lightmap)

r_znear 4

rate 25000 sets rate for communication between server and client (try about 1/10 of your bps, or use the in-game menu to set to default for your connection type) see cg_timenudge

rcon <passwd> "cmds" issue remote console commands

rcon_password set remote console password

rconAddress set remote console address

rconPassword set rcon password for remote operation

record <demoname> record a demo to demos/demoname.dm3 (see demo, stopdemo)

restart restart server

s_initsound 1 enable sound system

s_khz 22 set sound sample frequency (22 = high, 11 = low)

s_loadas8bit 1 force 8-bit (lower quality) sounds

s_mixahead 0.2 set sound mixahead value; different values may help fix stuttering problems on some sound cards

s_mixPreStep 0.05

s_musicvolume 1 set music volume

s_show 0

s_testsound 0

s_volume 0.7 set sound volume

say "msg" display "msg" to all players (see messagemode)

scanservers scan for servers on LAN

scr_conspeed 3 set the console scroll speed

screenshot save screenshot

sectorlist display list of sectors and entities in each

sensitivity 9 set mouse sensitivity

serverinfo displays gamedate, gamename, map, protocol, version, dmflags, frag/timelimits, hostname, maxclients, etc.

serverrecord <demo> record demo on server

serverstop stop recording server demo

set <variable> <value> set variable to value indicated (diff between set, seta, sets, setu?)

seta <variable> <value> set variable to value indicated (diff between set, seta, sets, setu?)

setenv <variable> <value> set enevironment variable to value specified

sets <variable> <value> set vriable to value indicated (diff between set, seta, sets, setu?)

setu <variable> <value> set vriable to value indicated (diff between set, seta, sets, setu?)

shaderlist display list of loaded shaders

showdrop 0 enable display of dropped packets

showpackets 0 enable network packet info display

showtrace 0

skinlist display list of loaded skins

snaps 20 sets number of snapshots sever sends to client (server run at 40Hz, so use 40, 20, or 10)

snd visor set player sounds

snd_restart restart sound system (required for some variable changes to take effect)

soundinfo display sound system info

soundlist display list of loaded sounds

status display each clients num, score, ping, name, address, port, and rate

stopdemo stop recordding demo (see record, pleaydemo)

stopsound stop playing current sound

sv_allowdownload 1 enable allowing clients to download maps

sv_fps 20 set server fps

sv_hostname q3test test set server name

sv_killserver 0 force server shutdown if 1


sv_master1 master3.idsoftware.com set master server address

sv_master2 set master server address

sv_master3 set master server address

sv_master4 set master server address

sv_master5 set master server address

sv_maxclients 8 set max number of clients on server

sv_nopredict 0 disable client-side prediction

sv_pad 0

sv_privateClients 0 require password for clients

sv_privatePassword set server password

sv_reconnectlimit 3 set server reconnect limit

sv_running 0 server status

sv_serverid 0 server id

sv_showloss 0 enable sever packet loss display

sv_timeout 120 set server timeout time

sv_zombietime 2 set inactivity time before clients (zombies) are disconnected

sys_cpuid 34 system CPU id code

sys_cpustring x86 (P5/Pentium2, MMX) system CPU id string

systeminfo display timescale, sv_serverid, and g_syncronousClients

teamflags 0 set team game flags

testfog test fog system

testshader test shader system

timedemo 0 enable timedemo mode (max fps) -- disabled

timegraph 0

timelimit 0 set minutes between map changes

timescale 1 set server timescale modifier

toggle <variable> change variable from 0 to 1or 1 to 0.

toggleconsole open or close the console window

touchFile <filename> touch filename (make it as a 0 byte file)

unbind <key> unbind specified key or button

unbindall unbind all keys and buttons (eh..hehehe)

userinfo shows name, rate, snaps, model, snd, color, and handicap for player

username DarkLlama set username

version Q3T 1.05 win-x86 May 10 1999 version (old huhu)

vid_restart restart video system (required for some variable changes to take effect)

vid_xpos 30

vid_ypos 30

viewlog 0

viewsize 100 set screen size

vmtest display "C: test 1234", very useful ;)

vstr <variablename> execute variable command (created with "set variablename cmd1; cmd2, ."

wait wait one game tick

win_hinstance 4194304

win_wndproc 4368704

z_stats display z-buffer memory and block usage