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gameboy advance ressources

::: emulators for GBA


>> Asteroids

>> Gameboy : GBonGBA

>> NES (aka Famicom) : PocketNES
>> Sega Master System (aka SMS) : PocketSMS(stopped project?)

>> Spectrum ZX : Foon


::: demos for GBA


>> 3D Trip by Oxygene
a big 3d tunnel and scene in non-textured mode


>> Ocz GBA Slide #01
a slide show with gfx and photos from a2d91!
here are the screenshots of the quality you'll see on your gba:
(feel free to distribute it, it's a Public Domain rom)

- Screen Shots -


>> Vit 2 by Unique




::: games for GBA


::: selection of must-have games for your gba

>> www.onickz.com/gba/gba_selection.htm Click here to view what games you must have on your gba!



::: music for GBA


>> Undertraxx GBA Edition Vol. 1
A portage of electro tracks to GBA, that keeps a quite good sound !