Ellis Ferrell

A portrait of Ellis Ferrell I met in Fletcher Street, Philadelphia, the boss of Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club. Before living for NYC, I asked my brother Xavier to drive us to Fletcher Street. I thought Fletcher Street was more a district with dozens of kids and older people riding horses while listening to hip hop. In fact it’s a small street where remains the Urban Riding Club. After telling me about all the HBO projects and other wealthy canceled film projects, he accepted to pose for a second.

Ellis Ferrell


This photo is grainy, dark, blured, like what I felt there.


Bonus : Watch out this montage of some pictures Martha Camarillo  took (all was staged of course) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ja0X8Hp66U

You’ll find more stuff and other photos maybe soon at Récit de Voyage (French) http://blog.recitdevoyage.fr/category/PHILADELPHIE


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